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Diamond Buyer & Appraiser

Diamonds Melee

The Bullion Bank is a storefront diamond buyer and appraiser. We are Chantilly's expert dealers in buying and appraising diamonds and diamond jewelry, as well as precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Whether you would like to sell your diamond jewelry or simply have it appraised, The Bullion Bank offers clients the opportunity to have their diamonds appraised or to sell their diamonds in a private, personable manner for proper market value. We have locations in Cupertino and Sausalito.

Selling Your Diamonds

The Bullion Bank buys unwanted jewelry and diamonds for the gemstone and precious metal content to be sold as specimens; we are not jewelry resellers or collateral lenders. We consider all types of fine jewelry and have a long standing reputation of offering the most favorable prices possible.

Appraising Your Diamonds

Insurance Appraisals

Diamonds Melee

If you need paperwork for your homeowner’s insurance policy to specifically cover items valued at more than $1000 (most policies require this), then our gemologist can provide you with the required documentation to provide to them and get your diamonds scheduled on your policy. Turn-around time can be anywhere from an hour to a day or two, depending upon our backlog of work and how many items you have to appraise.

Estate Appraisals

Most estates find it simpler to appraise and liquidate gemstones and precious metals such as silverware, coins, diamond rings, and other fine articles than to divide pieces between beneficiaries. The Bullion Bank offers appraisals for all types of estates as well as for insurance or record keeping purposes.

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