Gold Au $1775.00 $4.25
Silver Ag $22.41 $0.14
Platinum Pt $1009.70 $2.20
Palladium Pd $1912.00 $30.89
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Do you have items which are made of gold? Perhaps you are not sure but think those items may contain gold. Regardless, bring in your gold items and we can evaluate them quickly and pay you top dollar for them. Old gold jewelry can add up to a very high price very quickly given the high price of gold.

What kind of gold items do we buy?

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Gold Coins

We buy all types of silver coins. American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Silver Austrian Philharmonics, or any other modern or old silver coins. Common older silver coins are things like pre-1965 dimes, quarters, or half dollars which all contain 90% silver and are actively traded on the silver bullion market. Old foreign silver coins where we can pay you for the silver content even if they are no longer traded.

Gold jewelry

Do you have grandma’s old gold jewelry sitting in your jewelry box collecting dust. We buy all types (but not gold plated items) of gold jewelry. 14k, 18k, 22k, 10k or even 8 kt. It doesn’t matter! We will buy it for its scrap gold value. Gold rings, gold necklaces, gold earrings, or gold bracelets. If it is made out of gold, we will buy it. If you are not sure if its gold or not, bring it by and we can evaluate it in minutes.

Industrial Gold, Gold Nuggets, or Dental Gold

Have some gold that was discarded from an industrial process or from a dentist? Bring it by our office for evaluation and we can buy it from you and pay you instantly.

Why sell your gold to The Bullion Bank?

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  • High Prices Paid. We know the market and we do enough volume where smaller players simply can not compete with our pricing. We offer the highest prices around and encourage you to ask other dealers for quotes before coming to us. We are confident we will beat their offers.
  • Instant Payment. We pay you right on the spot if you accept our offer.
  • Transparent and quick evaluation. We evaluate all your gold in front of you and since we have been doing this for years, can quickly go through all of your pieces and come up with a value for your gold coins, gold jewelry, or other gold items, regardless of quality, purity, or beauty.
  • Secure and safe location. Our storefront is in a safe and secure location in an affluent neighborhood.
  • Convenience. We are open 6 days a week and no appointment is necessary. Come by whenever it is convenient for you. We are all busy in this day and age and we want to make it simple for you. We love to buy gold.