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Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry 1

The Bullion Bank staff and owners are experts at evaluating estate jewelry. We can quickly help you sort through jewelry and separate out pieces that have value versus other pieces that may not (e.g. costume jewelry). Then we can make you an offer with the highest price you will find anywhere.

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is typically all the jewelry that has been left in an estate to you by someone. It may be from someone that has recently passed away or simply someone looking to pass along valuables to a relative or friend. It may contain modern, vintage, or antique jewelry. Typically, estate jewelry is valued for its platinum, silver, or gold content, but some pieces may command more than the gold value if they are contemporary and can be sold as pieces of jewelry to a new jewelry buyer. Every piece will be different and The Bullion Bank is skilled at evaluating estate jewelry quickly and efficiently in order to give you the answers you need.

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What goes into valuing Estate Jewelry?

There are many factors, but generally they are:

  • Brand
  • Gold, Silver, or Platinum content
  • Condition
  • Styling

Why Sell your Estate Jewelry to The Bullion Bank?

  • High Prices Paid. We know the market and we do enough volume where smaller players simply can not compete with our pricing. We offer the highest prices around and encourage you to ask other dealers for quotes before coming to us. We are confident we will beat their offers.
  • Instant Payment. We pay you right on the spot if you accept our offer.
  • Transparent and quick evaluation. We evaluate all your jewelry in front of you and since we have been doing this for years, can quickly go through all of your pieces and come up with a value for your jewelry.
  • Secure and safe location. Our storefront is in a safe and secure location in an affluent neighborhood.
  • Convenience. We are open 6 days a week and no appointment is necessary. Come by whenever it is convenient for you. We are all busy in this day and age and we want to make it simple for you to get your estate jewelry sold.

Call The Bullion Bank today if you have any specific questions about estate jewelry or simply drop by our location during normal business hours.